Every person appreciates an act of kindness. Whether it be random or expected, it never fails to bring a smile to a person’s face. Join in on the Random Acts Of Kindness Movement by becoming a RAKTIVIST this year! Join thousands of people nationwide on February 17th by encouraging acts of kindness.

The Random Acts Of Kindness website has plenty of inspiring kindness acts to choose from, but here are Delray Mitsubishi’s favorite ones!

  • Compliment the driver of a well-parked car! Show some love to those drivers who managed to fit in between those tight spaces and stay in between the lines. For some more fun, compliment those especially who managed to park perfectly in a parallel parking spot! After all, they deserve some recognition for the amount of practice good parking takes.
  • Get your car maintenance taken care of! Did you know keeping your car well up to date with maintenance is not only reducing pollution but also saves you money? Lucky for you Delray Mitsubishi has kind service deals for any vehicle!
  • Try using your vehicle’s cruise control! Not only is it fun and easy, but also incredibly more fuel-efficient. Using cruise control improves your mileage by a shocking 15% and also decreases your vehicle’s emissions! This makes cruise control an eco-friendly driving mode.
  • Be nice on the road! Give a smile, share a wave. Always use your turn signal and let other drivers merge! You never know if they may be late for an important meeting or appointment.
  • Give away your closer parking spot! People go crazy for closer parking spots, especially in busy areas. Give up yours to make somebody’s day better and easier. Besides, parking farther means you get to add a couple more steps into your day.
Other random acts of kindness ideas we suggest are:

  • Leave a big tip
  • Join a beach cleanup
  • Adopt a pet, foster a pet
  • Plant a tree
  • Leave a good review for a business
Join Delray Mitsubishi on our goal of becoming a Raktivist! Post your pictures online with the hashtag #raktivist and tag us on Instagram! @delraymitsubishi